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Finance & Complaince Services

Services We Offer IN US

Obtain Financial accuracy, Stay compliant with the law, and enjoy smooth business operations.

LLC Registration

Having a Limited Liability Company – LLC is the easiest way to separate your personal and business assets, open a bank account, hire employees legally, and get the necessary license and permits. We at Ziscomm can handle LLC registration for both US residents and non-residents. 

What do we need from you?
Your Business details including 
  • Formal Business name
  • Business Address ( You can use our’s if you don’t have your’s yet)
What will you get?

INC Registration

Looking to get your company a legal identity? Incorporation registration is a great way to acquire it. 

“INC is for those whose business is led by a group of people but wants it to be considered a separate entity legally” 

While LLC and INC might seem confusing, our experts will guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

What do we need from you?
Your Business details including 
  • Formal Business name
  • Business Address ( You can use our’s if you don’t have yours yet) 
  • Stakeholders/Owners Details
What will you get?
  • Fully Formed INC
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Article of Organization
  • License and Operating documents
  • EIN- Employer ID number/Federal Tax ID number

Telecom License

Get the permit and authorization from a regulatory authority for any kind of operation in the telecommunication industry in easy steps.

Being in the telecommunication industry ourselves, we have a deeper understanding of its ins and outs.

We have also acquired telecommunication licenses for companies like Zisfone, talkdaily, and Ijwireless who had been making it big in their fields through proper legal channels and You can be the next one.

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Telecom Licensed
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SOS Compliance

SOS stands for standard compliance in systems of systems. Its purpose is to comply with your services/business with the standards, laws, and regulations set forth by several sources at different levels.

Any individual or business entity operating in the USA commercial market is required to have SOS compliance.

There are times when you are so indulged in compiling documentation for your business that you forget to focus on its real-time activities which are responsible for its growth. That’s why it’s wise to let experts handle it for you.

With expertise in the field and in the consultancy of expert chartered accountants, Ziscomm will help and guide you every step of the way.

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Sale and Use Tax

To operate a business in true terms, there are several taxes that you will be required to pay. Irrelevant to your business niche ( product or service), you will be required to pay Sales and Use Tax.

Sales tax is imposed on the sale, transfer, or exchange of a taxable item that can either be a product or a service whereas use tax is imposed on the storage, use, or consumption of a taxable item.

With the changing nature of tax laws, it often gets difficult to maintain records while also focusing on business growth.

That’s why we are here to take this burden off your shoulders. Our Chartered accountants are always available and ready to implement any change so that their timely action can save you from incurring any problems.

Federal & State Return

Any individual living in the United States whether resident or nonresident has to pay Federal and state return tax with respective government entities to report their income, claim deductions, check eligibility for a tax refund, and calculate the tax owed.

There are many possibilities that without proper guidance, you might be paying more for taxes than you should. Or if the filing is taking up your time and you are looking for someone to handle it for you, Ziscomm can be your perfect partner for it.

Services We Offer In Pakistan

Book Keeping

The base element of running any business is finance. If maintained properly, it can help you get a clear understanding of how your company is operating and if left ignored, you would never know what’s happening.

Managing it initially might sound easy since you carry fewer transactions but as you tend to move ahead, managing finance in accordance with the legalities get’s tough. And that’s what we are for.

Ziscomm is one of the best bookkeeping service providers in Pakistan. We will manage your financial transactions, manage daily cash flow and invoices,  prepare financial tax filings, maintain financial records, and process timesheets and payroll. 

Why Choose Ziscomm as your Bookkeeping Service Provider?

Through our accurate and timely business financial management, we help you make informed financial decisions so you can only spend where it’s required.


Save Cash

Having Ziscomm as your bookkeeper will help you save money through financial accuracy and through affordable packages. We offer customized packages as per your business needs. As your finance guide, we make sure that not a single penny of yours is gone to waste. 


Instant Budgeting and Planning

Ziscomm’s financial team will always keep your business finance records ready so you can instantly review them and plan your budget accordingly. If you feel you need consultancy in sorting out expenses, our chattered accounts can guide you there as well.


No Stress Auditing

Whether running an entry-level or revenue-generating business, you would have to go through auditing for compliance purposes, seeking investment opportunities, or grabbing a fund. Our experts will always be available to fill auditing sheets for you with utmost accuracy and dedication.

Pak Taxation Filing Service

Whether you are an individual, running a small organization locally, or operating a business nationally, being a responsible citizen, we are all bound to pay taxes. However, with the constant advancements in tax laws and its complex filing structure, it often gets challenging to handle it on your own.

The need for financial experts is often felt and in the system of Pakistan, you never know who to trust and you might fall paying extra for the stuff that you don’t even need.

We at Ziscomm have a team of chartered accountants who are well aware of both national and international tax laws and compliance systems.

You can always book a call with us or share your queries through any communication medium you want and we’ll let you know what documents you need and why and will also prepare them for you on time and in an affordable manner.

Pak Taxation filing we’ll be handling for you:
Why Trust Ziscomm as your Taxation Filing Provider?

Choosing Ziscomm to file and prepare your taxation documents can be beneficial for you due to the following reasons.

One Roof Process:

Get all your tax-related work done of any kind under the roof of one company. Just share your business details and query and we’ll sort it out for you while you can chill in your office.

Guaranteed Affordability:

Rather than paying multiple experts for small and big tasks, pay one time or in installments and let us get the taxation tasks done by the experts dedicated to each task.

Registration with FBR

As a tax filer in Pakistan, you will have to make various registrations with the Federal Board of Revenue- FBR depending upon your condition and eligibility criteria for FBR tax filing.

However, there are primarily three types of taxes payable with FBR namely income tax, sales tax, and customs duty tax.

The income tax is applied to individual income and business income. Sales tax is paid by retailers, wholesalers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers whereas those involved in the import and export of goods, traders, customs agents, and warehouse owners are liable for customs duty tax.

There are several documents that you would be needing to file your registration and our team will help you fill them up instantly.

Ziscomm FBR Registration Services:
  • Registration for income tax
  • NTN Registration for Business
  • NTN Registration for Salaried
  • NTN Registration Partnership or AOP 
  • Annual Income Tax filing – Salaried and Business
  • GST and PST Registration
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Single Member Company Registration
  • Limited Liability Partnership Registration-LLP 
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration

Why Trust Ziscomm to be your partner for FBR Registration?


Discarding Complexities:

The tax filing process is complex and not easily understandable by people not from the field. Because of working in a wide range of tax filing and registration fields, our experts exactly know what you need, why, and how.


No more Huge Costs:

Our team of tax-leading professionals has collectively designed packages that would best fit your needs. Keeping in mind the documentation and earning portfolios of a common citizen, salaried person, and entry-level entrepreneurs, we have made sure they don’t pay huge costs while also not compromising on the work quality.  


Save your time and Resources:

While you surf through the FBR registration guidelines, you would realize that it requires your presence in the office which can cost you significant time and resources. With Ziscomm’s streamlined approach, we save valuable time for our clients, do the process ourselves, and help you focus on your core activities. 

SECP Compliance

SECP stands for Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It regulates, manages, and controls the formation of companies, monitors them, and provides a license for grants and investments.

For anyone who wants to seek investment opportunities or grants, compliance with SECP is a must. It is mentioned as one of the core criteria in investment/grants ads. Registering your business with SECP also strengthens your business authenticity and you can also easily open your separate business accounts and have a clear understanding of its financials. 

Team Ziscomm will help you get registered with SECP. We’ll prepare the necessary documents, file them and formulate the legalities while you can stay free and give time to your core business activities. 

Types of SECP Registration:
  • Single Member Company Registration
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Limited Liability Company Registration
  • Public Limited Company Registration

Why Choose Ziscomm for registering your company with SECP?

Through our accurate and timely business financial management, we help you make informed financial decisions so you can only spend where it’s required.


Swift Process:

Rather than rattling the requirements for registering your company with SECP, reading guides for identifying the registration type, you’ll have access to all the requirements and guides at ziscomm. This will help you compile all the documents in one place, and get them prepared by experts. 


Stay in Budget:

You might be worried about getting lost in expenses upon hiring experts, but not at Ziscomm. Our experts understand the process and also guide you through our steps. So you only pay for what you need. We also do not have any hidden charges or additional expenses. You’ll only pay what’s on the package. 

Payroll Management

Payroll management is the management of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, deductions, and withholding taxes compliant with state legal guidelines/labor laws.

It also helps you in paying employees accurately and timely and obtains business financial stability through trackable budgeting. 

Although there are many software available which manage payroll, generate pay slips, and provide other promising features, being an entrepreneur does not mean being an expert at everything. 

Handling all aspects of business is not only time-consuming but it can also divert you from focusing on your core business. 

Being in the field for years, Ziscomm will help you with payroll management in an efficient manner. Your time is everything in business, and you can earn that back with Ziscomm. 

Why Ziscomm can be your best Payroll management company?


Access to Readymade docs:

Be free from documentation stress and preparing acceptable formats for payroll as our expert chattered accountants will prepare and manage them for you. 


Enjoy Time Efficiency:

Outsourcing Payroll management to Ziscomm will help you focus on making strategic business decisions that are crucial for business growth rather than investing time in documentation. 


Do what you are meant for:

An individual can not excel at everything and that’s completely okay. We are built differently and have unique strengths. Let us manage what we are good at while you manage what you can best do.